Fullsun International Holdings Group Company Limited (Fullsun International) founded by Mr Pan Weiming was entered the capital market of Hong Kong on 01 Dec 2017 (stock number 627).

Since 2006, Hunan Fullsun Group, the subsidiary of Fullsun International, has been developing residential properties for the mid-end market in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. The well quality of the projects successfully strengthened the positioning of pioneer in the affordable quality properties and built up the popular brand image in the local market.

Fullsun International will keep on developing various types of quality properties, including residential, retail, office and integrated project.

Brand philosophy, Mission and Vision

Fullsun wishes to build a brand that will last for a century. Guided by a construction-centric philosophy of "respecting the city, land, nature and humanity", Fullsun is committed to building safer residences; promoting environmental protection; and encouraging the adoption of smart technologies, pan-health and pan-education concepts. It also aims to create a humanistic community model that offers life-long attentive services to customers.

Brand and Market positioning

Along with a rapid increase in land cost construction safety and labour cost, there is a rising tension between the product quality and the market needs.

Fullsun International abides by the development principle: "Make sustainable products, create livable communities". To meet the public's demand for a quality lifestyle, the Group aims at building premium living environments. It continues to improve its product quality, expand the lifecycle of the community, and nurture brand loyalty among customers.

With regard to residential properties, Fullsun always places customers first. The project "Qianlong" under the Group has developed the "Five-Fortune" product series to provide pleasant living environment for the customers. As for commercial properties, it has developed a wide variety of products, which range from city offices to integrated projects. Furthermore, the Group actively builds various commercial product lines under a comprehensive business management system, and formulates business development strategies, so that it can grow with the city and enjoy the fruits of prosperity.

Fullsun has also strived to develop and constructed all types of products in order to satisfy the various needs of customers in respect of residential and business, living and shopping. This helps lead to triumphant progress for all, including companies, shareholders, stakeholders and society.

Competitive Advantage

Fullsun focuses on product details and enhances quality and competitiveness to meet the varied demands of customers through comprehensive planning of the supporting facilities for the community. Based on the thorough market analysis, Fullsun has the competitive advantages of meeting the demands of customers and creating the pleasant living environment with greater functionality and comfort.

Business and operation models

To accommodate the rapid growth of enterprises, Fullsun has devised the "2080" strategy, which means keeping its commercial area ratio at not more than 20% while maintaining the proportion of residential investment at not less than 80%. The Company also operates by the proven "3691" principle in the construction projects, which sets the construction commencement period at three months, sales period at six months, topping out period at nine months and cash inflow period at one year.

The Company also strives to standardize operations and management procedures. It has built an operational model for time management and cost controls. The platform facilitates the process in the divisions of design, operation and procurement. The use of a database and realization of modular concepts also ensure the highly effective operation of the Company and further improve cost control, pace of development and product quality.